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This is a fun video about how laws are passed through congress. It used to be played every Saturday morning during the cartoons.


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George Washington Animated hero classics: George Washington DVD image George Washington, "The father of America," comes to life in this remarkable story about his extraordinary accomplishments as a military leader. Retrace Washington's steps from "the shot heard 'round the world" at Lexington to the dark days of Valley Forge. Follow his contributions to the forming of a new nation and final peace in 1783. This inspiring tale shows Washington at his best—courageous, determined, humble, brave, and patriotic.

$ 19.95

Benjamin Franklin Animated hero classics: Benjamin Franklin DVD image   High into the stormy sky, a kite with iron points bobs in the wind. Suddenly, lightning cuts through the sky and a spark emits from the key attached to the kite string. As Ben Franklin watched the lightning in Philadelphia's night sky, he came up with a brilliant discovery—one that would change the world forever. Now, through this remarkable story, you can join this remarkable scientist, inventor and statesman as he rewrites human history because of his experiments with electricity.

$ 19.95

Abraham Lincoln Animated hero classics: Abraham Lincoln DVD image A century ago, only one man stood in the way of the disintegration of the United States of America—and he was a gangly, storytelling country lawyer from Illinois with no political experience at the national level. And yet by the sheer force of his will and his uncompromising stand on critical issues, Abraham Lincoln not only saved the nation but carved out an immortal place in world history. This fascinating story inspires viers with the life of America's most beloved president.

$ 19.95

Christopher Columbus Animated hero classics: Christopher Columbus DVD image While the whole world sailed east on the path to find China, Columbus believed it could be reached in two weeks… by sailing west! Finally, after securing the support of Queen Isabella of Spain, Columbus set sail. After three weeks of sailing and no sight of land, his crew threatened mutiny. At the moment when all seemed lost and Columbus considered turning back, land was discovered. Columbus realized his dream and America was discovered.

$ 19.95

Enabling the People Enabling The People book cover image

Have you ever wondered?

What happens if the President is too sick to do his job?

What rights are you guaranteed when you go to court?

Is the right to vote at age 18 ammendment 14, 22 or 26?

Learn all this and more in Enabling the People by Rebecca M. Siebach.

$ 16.95

I Love America
(part 1)
I Love America Part 1 manual cover image I Love America is a teacher's resource for ages 4 to 7. This Volume Contains activities that build an understanding and love of:
  • The American Flag
  • Christopher Columbus
  • The First Thanksgiving
  • Washington, Franklin, and Jefferson
  • Pocahontas
  • Our American Heritage

$ 24.95

I Love America
(part 2)
I Love America Part 2 manual cover image I Love America is a teacher's resource for ages 4 to 7. This volume teaches children about:
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • The Pilgrims and how they learned to use their freedom
  • The need for Freedom of Religion
  • The Revolutionary War, and why we had to fight
  • Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence
  • The Constitutional Convention - and how the Constitution makes us free
  • The Free-Enterprise System - through first-hand experience

$ 24.95

I Love America Music CD I Love America Music CD image The I Love America Music CD contains the music that accompanies the lyrics in I Love America volumes 1 & 2. These 15 delightful songs by the Murdock family will add a new dimension to the study of America, or can be a stand alone product.

$ 5.00

Take Your Hat Off When the Flag Goes By! Take Your Hat Off When the Flag Goes By! book and cd image A delightful patriotic story and sixteen fun songs by the beloved children's songwriter Janeen Brady. Includes a full-color storybook and a fully orchestrated music tape. Help your children learn of America's freedoms in a way they'll love!

$ 19.95

The Brave Boys of Derry or No Surrender! The Brave Boys of Derry or No Surrender! book cover image The Brave Boys of Derry is a true historical narrative of how courageous young apprentices helped save their besieged Protestant town of Londonderry in 1689.

"Inside the city all was stir and bustle; the action of the apprentice lads had been like a spark to a barrel of gunpowder. The whole city was up. The gauntlet had been thrown down, and it was now to be a fight." P. 15

$ 14.95

With My Rifle by My Side With My Rifle by My Side book cover image

This is a beautiful hardback, full-color book.

With My Rifle by My Side is a story written for young children to encourage an appreciation and respect for appropriate firearm use. It is a charming children's story written in verse that reclaims American values through the perspective of a young boy. The boy begins to understand the solemn necessity of firearms as they pertain to America’s foundation and the preservation of our liberty.

$ 18.95