Permission to Think
by David L. Buckner

Permission to Think
by David L. Buckner

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Glenn Beck's Review:

David has a way of breaking things down into the language of the common sense. He was the first academic to list my lack of formal university training as a positive because he knows that we must be taught how to think, not what to think. Our personal and national survival depends on thinking outside of the box and writing outside the lines. David Buckner does both.

David L. Buckner

David L. Buckner is the President of Bottom Line Training and Consulting Inc., a consulting and training firm specializing in executive management development and business acumen training with a consultative focus on cultural integration, change management, and strategic efficiency modeling. A keynote speaker, an in-demand economic analyst for several television networks, as well as a an Adjunct Faculty member at Columbia University, David is based in New York City.

Book Description

There exists a perceived malaise across America that has become a part of our culture and overtaken every aspect of our lives. We have gone from innovative survivors of two world wars, a depression and near collapse of our economy to a fat and happy populace. Our recent complacency, expectations, and even arrogance seem to scream entitlement to the rest of the world. Indeed, we have shifted from being prepared for the future to believing we have a right to keep that future at bay because we are Americans. We have gone from hardware, technology, and Internet innovators to creators of illusory financial instruments, instruments so complex that not even the creators know their value or use. Rather than creating wealth the old-fashioned way, we legislate or borrow it and assume things will all work out in the end.

We need to shift our paradigm as Americans. We need to look at fundamental economic principles that have been lost along the way. (i.e. as prices go up, demand for a product goes down, so why would we guarantee labor unions higher salaries and promise greater demand for their products, with the assumption it will all work out in the end?) We can no longer seek only upside benefits without the assuming downside risks, thinking that we can always shift our blame along the way to other countries, governments, or people.

Economic success is not an inherent right: we must earn success through innovation and production, rather than spending and indebtedness. We must first learn to embrace the new economic reality, and then make the necessary changes in our own lives to bring prosperity and happiness. We must have an understanding of the issues the larger economy faces and then make personal changes to combat them in our own lives. We must give ourselves permission to think.

Using plain English and easy to understand examples, David L. Buckner will help you understand what is happening in the modern economy, and what it means for you, your family and your country. You will walk away from this book saying, "This makes a lot of sense. I get it and now I know what to do."