Fantastic Victory
Israel's Rendezvous with Destiny

Fantastic Victory
by W. Cleon Skousen

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Fantastic Victory tells the story of the Six-Day War in brief but vivid detail, putting faces with names and purpose to outcome. It was a brilliant victory for the Israelis, but for reasons that at times were more desperate than practical. The first book published on this incredible war, master storyteller and scholar Dr. W. Cleon Skousen explains why this 1967 war had to take place. He traces the roots of tensions between Arabs and Jews, and shows why they will one day sit down in peace to share their historic homelands together. Fantastic Victory is a short but thrilling adventure through Israel's amazing rendezvous with destiny-a great read to understand the unrest that still smolders in this tiny region of the Middle East.

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Dr Skousen's book, titled "Fantastic Victory: Israel's Rendezvous with Destiny" was read on the floor of the Israeli Knesset and is considered one of the best books on the furious battle between Israel and several Arab nations fought for six, strenuous days in June of 1967. It explains how when the smoke cleared from the scorched, desert sands, Israel had not only won the battle, but gained valuable land that would now help protect its' security as a nation.

Soon after this book was published in 1967, Dr. Skousen gave a speech covering this same material. In this 80 minute talk, also called "Fantastic Victory" he explains the history and controversy between the Jews and Palestinians. From this speech you will understand why many Arabs have so much disaffection for the Jews. You will appreciate the prophetic history that still awaits the people of Israel and the Arab nations.

Dr. Skousen's speech Fantastic Victory is a must have to understand the Middle East conflict that continues to boil between many Jews and Arabs. You can purchase this speech on an audio CD with a MP3 download. If you'd like to listen to a 1 minute audio sample of this speech CLICK HERE.